6 March 2015

Land Below the Cloud

16 September 2016

Tracking eastbound greeted by a beautiful sunrise.

22 August 2015

Flying by the Turks and Caicos Island at 36,000ft

26 June 2015

We’re flying over the Bahamas. The island country is shaded by puffy white cloud, surrounded…

8 May 2015

The falls from the back on the Canadian side.

7 March 2015

The sun is starting to set, it’s windy and cold, but it looks amazing.

29 October 2014
8 October 2014

JET TIME. What the time is, JET TIME!

18 May 2014

170,000 Pink Balls are hanging above the street at Rue Saint-Catherine E. by Berri-UQAM and…

12 May 2014